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  • FF18 Semi Finals

FF18 Semi Finals

FF18 is the largest FinTech Conference in Hong Kong, where more than 2000 people will gather, with the world's best speakers assembled to cover FinTech [...]

Luminary Night Networking and Appreciation Dinner

The Luminary Night was jointly held by Transcendz as appreciate to all customers for their continuous support and business; and Blue Ninja, for their official [...]

Some Words From Our Clients

Jonathan Quek Transcendz
Transcendz organized many of my speaking engagements and they did it systematically and with excellent execution. I now only have to focus on my program and speaking thanks to Transcendz
David Lai testimonial to Transcendz
I’m often busy with my productions. Transcendz came in the perfect time to help me manage my digital media, keeping them up to date and free of bugs. They did both online and offline marketing for my company, went the extra mile to learn the industry and handle sales inquiries on my behalf!
Jason Lee Next Money
I have attended events organised by them and the quality of the event is seen through their professionalism and responsiveness through the event planning process.
These guys are the new bold players in town! They are willing to try out new concepts and ideas to spice up your events! I have worked with both co-founders and I absolutely support them!

Some of the Brands we’ve Worked with

Brand = Trust

we live by our framework to build, transform, and enhance your product or service into a brand that people can trust

Brand Message

The right brand message to your stakeholders is pivotal to the longevity of your product or service. Every brand message is a promise, when kept time and again, builds trust.

Operational Excellence

A trustable brand can only be delivered through operational excellence. Every part of your organization – be it frontline or backend, must be designed to function in sync in order to deliver your brand promise.

Brand Engagement

Memorable relationship between your product or service with stakeholders is created when they experience your brand promise intellectually and emotionally.

Events & Programmes

How To Be A Champion Communicator

In the “How To Become A Champion Communicator” workshop, Dato Tan Su Cheng will be teaching his unique approach to communication, combined with his 20 years of experience running one of Malaysia’s top interior design firm.

Imagine if you have the ability to create a strong, lasting impression with every potential client or business partner you meet, how would it improve your company’s revenue?

Your ability to communicate correlates directly to your success and income levels.

Come and discover the art of communication and become a champion communicator by Dato Tan Su Cheng.

Become A Champion Communicator Today
Business Breakthrough Masterclass

The Business Breakthrough Masterclass is brought to you by Marshall Thurber, the business mentor for world renowned gurus such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Blair Singer and Mark Victor Hansen. This program features Marshall’s business secret that works for every industry and remains relevant today!

In this workshop, Melvin Soh, the Student and Asian ambassador of Marshall, will be sharing some of Marshall’s closest guarded secrets on how to stand out above everyone else and crush the competition, how to attract high-paying clients and get them to pay you more than your competitors over and over again, and how to explosively grow your business and take it to the next level.

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Traders U

In order to aid traders, Traders U provide updates of stocks that are available across Bursa Malaysia. The stocks are evaluated, based on an algorithm and known strategies such as Fundamental Analysis, to obtain a filtered list of recommended stocks. The community also benefits from mid-day commentary and testimonials of the stock market.

Join The Community
PowerWoosh Asia

Power Woosh Asia is an affiliate to Sales Partners Worldwide, a company that specializes in providing sales training and developing business systems and processes that lead to accelerated growth. They specialize in sales and leadership skills, motivational skills, stress management programs, NLP and so much more. Among the companies we served includes EON Bank, Affin Bank, Genting, Hong Leong Assurance and also the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

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