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  • Chinese New Year 2017 FinTech Association Malaysia

Chinese New Year Cocktail Party 2017 by FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM)

On the 23rd of February 2017, the FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) hosted a Chinese New Year Cocktail Party for both FAOM members and non [...]

  • wongamania-tournament

Wongamania: Banana Economy Tournament KL 2016

The first Wongamania: Banana Economy Tournament in Malaysia was held on the 26th of November 2016 at Borders Bookstore, The Gardens, Mid Valley. A total [...]

Some Words From Our Clients

Transcendz organized many of my speaking engagements and they did it systematically and with excellent execution. I now only have to focus on my program and speaking thanks to Transcendz
I’m often busy with my productions. Transcendz came in the perfect time to help me manage my digital media, keeping them up to date and free of bugs. They did both online and offline marketing for my company, went the extra mile to learn the industry and handle sales inquiries on my behalf!
Jason Lee Asia Pacific Lead, Next Money
I have attended events organised by them and the quality of the event is seen through their professionalism and responsiveness through the event planning process.
Michael Teoh Founding Director and Lead Training of Thriving Talents
These guys are the new bold players in town! They are willing to try out new concepts and ideas to spice up your events! I have worked with both co-founders and I absolutely support them!

Some of the Brands we’ve Worked with

Brand = Trust

we live by our framework to build, transform, and enhance your product or service into a brand that people can trust

Brand Message

The right brand message to your stakeholders is pivotal to the longevity of your product or service. Every brand message is a promise, when kept time and again, builds trust.

Operational Excellence

A trustable brand can only be delivered through operational excellence. Every part of your organization – be it frontline or backend, must be designed to function in sync in order to deliver your brand promise.

Brand Engagement

Memorable relationship between your product or service with stakeholders is created when they experience your brand promise intellectually and emotionally.

Events & Productions

“Timing & You”, a program designed by Derick Tan, is dedicated to raise awareness of the looming Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC), guiding individuals to survive and profit from the devastating financial crisis through the period 2015-2020. For over a decade, he has coached and inspired many people regionally in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India to create massive profit through stock trading in major markets such as China, Hong Kong and US. To date, Timing & You program is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.


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Wealth Insider Gathering is a gathering of like-minded individuals who are interested in wealth creation, investment, asset allocation, entrepreneurship, co-owning businesses, and networking activities. We bring together experts, real investors and business owners from various industry to discuss with you the latest trends, market updates and opportunities.

The financial world is changing at a rapid pace and the strategies that worked in the past, may not work as well today. Wealth Insider Gathering will be an opportunity for those who are seeking financial education and be connected to opportunities.

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Wealth Insider Summit

Our education systems, the financial systems and our monetary systems are flawed. Well it’s no surprise financial crises come back again and again. At Wealth Insider Group, we take on a mission to turn crisis into opportunities. Get involved with us to take charge of your journey to financial freedom.

We bring the best financial educators and experts to shed light on all things financial. Learn investment tips and tricks from successful entrepreneurs, investors, business owners and thought leaders all in one place.

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Fintech Malaysia

We are part of an independent platform with the objective to drive innovation in the financial sector and its formation is a unified effort and in collaboration among regulators, financial institutions, business associations and government bodies with the goal to develop Malaysia as the role model of FinTech-enabled ecosystem in the region. Watch this space for more fintech events around the region.

Latest Fintech Event

Magic performance and variety act productions that focuses on originality, creative and high entertainment value since 2009. We produce critically acclaimed international illusionary productions spanning months, watched by thousands across the world. We tailor-made occasions that bring your families, friends and your guests unique experience throughout our shows performed by both local and international talents.

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