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Freedom of Creativity

We know that geniuses are mostly dreamers, the one who challenge rules for the better, the rebels who are trying to go out of the norm, the misfits who think differently, and having the desire of freedom to do their work – in their way. We are building our company and culture to cater to Super players. We believe career is an adventurous and fun journey. You are in a positive working environment where we care about personal and professional development.

Entrepreneurial Teammates

Our team started with 5 experienced entrepreneurs who been through difficult life obstacles and started their businesses from ground up. We came together from different background, from startup to corporate, traditional businesses to technology businesses. Make it in, you’ll be working with the best minds in the business. We understand that the best attracts the best too!

We appreciate talented, positive, driven and brilliant minds that live life with defined purposes. Join us, and you’ll be surrounded with friends, peers and a network that will help you transform your life to the next level.


We Take Your Personal Growth Seriously!

Businesses generate revenues for us. More importantly, we believe it is because our company talents who built the business. So, we do our best to coach and exchange knowledge with fellow teammates here, and like the military, no one is left behind. At Transcendz, we have frequent feedback sessions to keep ourselves better than yesterday. And we love to help you learn.

We build a mini library in the office that provide books in the category of personal development, business development, marketing, brain training, leadership, sales, science, training materials and etc. We also have personal development sessions 3 mornings a week.

In addition, you have access to educational workshops and programs that we organize where people pay thousands of dollars for. Transcendz is a place where extraordinaire can thrive. We believe in growing talents because as the talents grow, the company grows too.

Entrepreneurship - We Help You Achieve Your Dream

Want to start your own business one day? No problem. In today’s world, most of us dream to start their own company. Great talents dream of starting their own venture and take charge of their own lives. At Transcendz, we help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow.

We love entrepreneurship. In fact, we organize many events that are entrepreneurship related. One of our goals is to create a platform where we can help as many amazing individuals to realize their goals in life. Having worked with many successful entrepreneurs, and being entrepreneur ourselves, we understand these journeys are not easy. So Transcendz want to be your stepping stone when you embark on the road less traveled.


Work Hard Play Hard

Working hard is always part of our culture, as we strive to deliver our very best to our clients. To maintain our momentum and to build a stronger bond amongst team members, we promise ourselves to play even harder outside of work. We’ve tried working out together, reading, playing financial board games, travelling, marathon, shopping, drinking (ahem… for 21 and above) and more!

Now, you are telling us you have more crazy ideas to have fun? We are open to hear them and let you organize!

We Believe in Giving Back

We started this business to create a better world. Everything we do, we ensure it is ethical, giving great values, and creating positive social impact. Our events focus mainly in the sectors of Technology, Finance and Entertainment.

We have even started giving free training on event management and digital marketing to universities and government agencies. This is to educate and equip the youths with extra practical skills required in today's world. We are building our own eco-system supporting the youth, tech and finance community all through the programs that we are organizing.


Stimulating Office

Since we're going to spend a large part of our lives in office, we create a stimulating environment to help you increase your productivity and creativity. We aspire to design our office that touches all five senses namely sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Research has proven, spaces that support all five senses are positioned to be more wholly successful places to happily and comfortably entertain, work, and experience life.

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