Continuity Income Secret (Internet Marketing) by Edmund Loh

Continuity Income Secret (Internet Marketing) by Edmund Loh

From an office boy who struggled financially to becoming a best-selling author and one of the top internet entrepreneurs in Asia, Edmund has certainly proved that internet marketing can generate your desired income. He has tried many businesses but none as successful and easy as Internet marketing. He had made his money and travelled to many countries, all through his earnings made from the internet. He continues to generate an ever growing passive income till today. Edmund had several media appearances which include The Star, Management Malaysia, Malaysian Today, and Income Diary.

Edmund has been an internet marketer for the past 12 years and still believes in the power of internet marketing to this day. By adding up his experiences in the industry and the numerous courses which he had spent more than RM 200,000 attending, Edmund believes that he has the right strategy to building a profitable online business.

Transcendz is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Edmund for his seminar. As the event organizer, we ran marketing campaigns to attract the right audience into the seminar. We’ve also assisted Edmund in finding a venue fit for his seminar and managed the registration of attendees. The flow and ambience of the event were taken into consideration as well. This is not only to ensure Edmund was focused on delivering an impactful seminar but to ensure that the attendees are comfortable and ready to learn.

Through Continuity Income Secrets, Edmund shares his experience and key concepts for individuals to kick start and excel in their online business.

continuity income secrets

In this 2-hour seminar, Edmund shares 4 simple concepts that enable anyone to build their own online business. The concepts are applicable to a majority of industries and encompass both physical product and also digital products. However, Edmund believes that success differs from one individual to another and the profit of an individual has a direct correlation on the time and effort put into the internet business.

Some of Edmund’s students have made their money within a few days. Here are some of their testimonials:

Edmund and most Malaysians have at least one thing in common: they are all working with a laptop on their desk. However, are you earning your desired income?

If you’re interested in earning your desired income through the internet, fill up the form below and we’ll inform you of the next seminar!

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