Future of Business Asia – Masterclass by Melvin Soh

Future of Business Asia – Masterclass by Melvin Soh

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

Marshall Thurber

“The Godfather of Personal Development” and “The World’s Greatest Business Teacher Alive”, Marshall Thurber is a direct disciple of the great inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller “Bucky” and studied with Bucky for over a decade.

Marshall’s student success stories number in the tens of thousands, and include countless successful entrepreneurs and influencers from over 50+ diverse industries – from the music industry, Hollywood, health, fitness, speaking, environmental testing, coaching, F&B and more. Everyone from Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Spencer Johnson to entrepreneurs like Ben Cohen and Paul Mitchell has achieved incredible business success following Marshall’s principles.

They all unanimously point to Marshall as the “secret weapon” behind their rise to fame.

And the secret weapon has now reached Asia, thanks to Melvin Soh, Asian Ambassador to Marshall Thurber. Melvin has been spreading Marshall’s teachings across Asia and the inaugural Kuala Lumpur session was held on the 13th of May 2017 at the Signa7ure Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Future of Business Masterclass by Melvin SohFuture of Business Masterclass

Melvin shared powerful business philosophies that grow businesses in the New Economy. The impact of a new mindset is exponential to the 50 odd participants who attended the Masterclass, many whom are business owners from various industries. Despite being a 7.5 hours class, the participants sat through with an open mind. They have learnt useful and practical business secrets to elevate the growth of their business.

Melvin began his Masterclass with a short introduction of himself and as well as Marshall Thurber. Throughout the class, Melvin reminded the participants about values needed to create a sustainable business and the proper mindset of a business owner. Case studies of real businesses had also been used to show the participants that with the right system, a predictive success can be resulted regardless of industries, from carpentry to financial consultancy.  Testimonial videos of these business owners were also played during his class.


Melvin’s Masterclass was rather refreshing as he Future of Business Masterclass by Melvin Sohencourages interaction between the attendees. He allowed them a minute interval between his topics. Within that minute, participants were instructed to discuss their learning from the topic. There were also a chance to network and make new friends with the people in the room. Melvin instructed every participant to switch seats for a new perspective and also, body-stretching to keep their minds awake.


Speaking about “Experience” (one of the topic), the lunch and tea provided were catered by The Picha Project, a social enterprise that aims to empower Future of Business Masterclass by Melvin Sohmarginalised communities in Malaysia through food catering and delivery business. This is a real-time demonstration of abundance. It allowed all participants to experience the art of giving (feeding others while feeding themselves).

The evening rain failed to dampen the atmosphere in the room as the Masterclass ended on a high note. Melvin shared exciting opportunity to learn from the master himself, Marshall Thurber, right here in Malaysia. The Masterclass came to an end at 5.30pm with warm smiles and gratitude shown to Melvin for his business sharing.

Here are some testimonials about Melvin’s Business Masterclass

FOB Testimonial

FOB Testimonial

FOB Testimonial

FOB Testimonial

FOB Testimonial

James Oh blog

Here’s a short post written by one of the participants: James Oh’s Blog

The last Business Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur is happening on the 17 Jun 2017. Reserve your seat now to avoid disappointment at http://bit.ly/2pF25ad

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