Timing & You Quarterly Gathering 2016 – Timing Is Everything

Timing & You Quarterly Gathering 2016 – Timing Is Everything

timing-you-2On the 25th of Sep, Derick Tan, the founder of Timing & You shared financial updates for the remainder of 2016 in his Quarter 3 T&Y members gathering. This time, Derick allowed Timing & You members to bring a friend along to this gathering, so that they too get to prepare and profit form the upcoming crisis.

He shared likely crisis that is about to hit Japan and United States of America and the consequences that Europe is facing in the coming years because of BREXIT. In order to protect wealth and profit from the crises , Derick encourages Timing & You members to focus their investment on certain asset classes and countries such as commodities and the U.S stock markets.



A representative of CIMB was invited to demonstrate how to participate in global stock markets using ITrade trading platform. Derick also surprised Timing & You members with a special guest, Alson Kong, a Senior Financial Advisory Director of SingCapital Pte Ltd. He spoke on finance management and forecasting investment based on current financial situation. He is also able to determine and evaluate hidden assets that an individual may have and to properly allocate one’s finances based on the individual’s situation.




Derick is passionate about spreading awareness about the upcoming crisis and he is constantly enriching the values to his Timing & You members. He believes that this crisis would impact the economy more than the Great Depression ever did. You may also attend Derick’s seminar to learn more about Timing & You program.

If you are interested in joining Timing & You, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-6211 1513 or email us at info@transcendz.co.

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