Wealth Insider Gathering 2016: A Leverage on Investment

Wealth Insider Gathering 2016: A Leverage on Investment

On the 24th of September 2016, Wealth Insider Gathering garnered a full house of 100 like-minded people who are interested to leverage on investment opportunities in facing current economy crisis. The attendees were exposed to several topics namely, alternative investment of precious metal, cycle analysis, value investing, sharing economy and property enhancement. Even though the event lasted for 9 hours, the attendees remained attentive and enthusiastic learning about the constant advancement in the world of investment.



Gold and Silver by George Wong
CEO of Silver Malaysia, George Wong took the stage to speak of how investing in silver helps during an economic crisis. He educates about the value of gold and silver and when to invest in these precious metals base on the gold-silver ratio. He emphasized the importance of silver as the world economies move into digital currency and print even more fiat currency. The demand of silver is expected to continually increase as technology advances. The more we consume electronic products, the more it is being produced, hence the demand for silver, an important element in electronic products, will rise.
Cycle Analysis by Derick Tanderick-tan-wig
Derrick Tan, the founder of Timing & You gave his insight as to what Cycle Analysis (CA) is all about and how it is being used to determine the direction of various asset classes . He urges that investors should not only protect themselves in times of crisis, but also know how to capitalize from it. He demonstrated that one can do that by using the CA method. Derick further illustrated using few examples how CA has accurately predicted the trend in oil and gold as well as the occurrence of BREXIT. He urges the attendees to be prepared and start investing in an informed manner as the economy is about to get even worse than the Great Depression.
goh-jin-hian-wigPotential of One Belt One Road by Dr. Goh Jin Hian
Dr. Goh, CEO of the New Silk Routes Group (NSR) talks about how One Belt One Road is going to benefit the ASEAN Market and beyond and how his company is able to tap into this opportunity. With the four core competencies within his company which encompasses the oil & gas industry, health sciences, cyber securities and IOT, and also wealth asset management, NSR would create job opportunities and investment opportunities for investors and business owners alike. One belt one road will improve connectivity and the benefits goes beyond trades. For example, he spoke of how the healthcare-related companies are going to rise because it’s easier for doctors to be employed in other countries, as seen in Singapore where expatriate doctors are employed to treat Singaporeans.
Value Investing by David Poh (EquitiesTracker)david-poh-wig
David Poh came in to educate that investment in value is likely the better and smarter way. With this thought, we are able to evaluate capital risk and timing risk. By evaluating those two aspects, one will be able to build a long term money compounding machine. David Poh also mentioned that despite the slowdown in economy, certain companies will still benefit and continue to prosper no matter the state of economy. Some of these companies produce basic daily necessities and leverage on consumers’ pattern of consumption. For example, there will always be consumption of instant noodles whether in good times or bad times due to price and convenience.
jonathan-quek-wigSharing Economy by Jonathan Quek
Jonathan Quek, the founder of Owners Circle and Silver Malaysia explains the current trend and rapid change of the economic model towards sharing economy. He believes that we are all able to co-own businesses and leverage on shared resources to make a joint venture a success. Jonathan emphasized a major problem that SMEs face – having great ideas but insufficient funding or talents. This sharing economy brings a new light to owning businesses as companies are able to thrive and compete against, say a famous hoteliers without actually owning a property. Hence, aspiring owners are now able to co-own businesses that fits their lifestyle or industries that they are passionate about.
Property Enhancement by Dato’ Tan Su Chengdato-tan-su-cheng-wig
Managing Partner of PDI Design & Associates, Dato’ Tan Su Cheng is part of the sharing economy movement and currently working with Owners Circle as part of the current economic shift. He spoke of enhancing a property and turn it into a profit generating business. By implementing sharing economy model, aspiring business owners will be able to participate in the business as well. This will encourage property spaces occupancy and attract clients to the business. Through his experience and network, property business includes knowing what the demographic market requires, in aspects of design and even maintenance of the said property. Dato’ Tan reminds us all that it is not what we want in a property that would generate the cash flow but what the market needs that would make the property sustainable.
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