YTL Hackathon 2016 – Innovate The Future of Our Education

YTL Hackathon 2016 – Innovate The Future of Our Education

In the inaugural YTL hackathon, a group of youthful YTL foundation scholars were gathered to brainstorm and come up with creative solutions to existing problems faced in Malaysia’s education system. In this hackathon, YTL Foundation and FrogAsia collaborated by allowing the scholars to use their platform and technology as a leverage to generate ideas in order to improve the local education system.

The YTL Hackathon was a 3-day event comprising of a Pre-Hackathon, Hackathon and Pitching Day.


The scholars were first briefed about the hackathon and as to what they were required to do.YTL Hackathon 2
They were then introduced to their mentors and divided into 3 groups which they aptly named: Team Rocket, Challenge Accepted and Game On. There were also a few ice-breaking sessions for them to get to know each other and assimilate better as a team. Having synergy between members was crucial as the scholars were given only about 48 hours to research and present their ideas!

After a good ice-breaking session, the teams were left to their own devices to address the issues they would like to overcome in the local education system before calling it a day.

YTL Hackathon

Scholars and mentors gathered togYTL Hackathon 3ether at 8.30am to get started on hacking ideas. In order to keep their minds fresh, there were brief talks by the sponsors and catered food for the scholars as intermissions. As the day progressed, the scholars successfully created a good synergy between them in such a short time and poured out ideas with impeccable confidence.

To end the day, the scholars played a short game competing as teams and a feedback session from the scholars in regards to the hackathon.

Pitching Day

The event for the day took place at Vistana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and similarly, gathered at 8.30am. The day started with a short speech from Andrew Yong, co-founder of 100% Project and Jason Lee, founder of Next Money KL. The scholars and mentors also got the chance to bond as they shared aspirations of the world and actions they have or will take to realize those dreams.YTL Hackathon 4

After lunch, the scholars were then given time to tie up the loose ends of their presentations. The ideas are pitched to a panel of 3 judges, followed by a round of questions after each presentation. Despite the time constraint, the ideas presented by the 3 teams were fantastic! Team Game On won the award of ‘Best Team’ while Team Rocket won both ‘Best Presentation’ and ‘Overall Best’. Team Rocket was further awarded project execution fund to turn their ideas into reality. Team Challenge Accepted were scheduled to meet with the YTL Foundation committee to discuss their ideas further.

This YTL Hackathon was organized by Transcendz, in association with Life School, for YTL Foundation. We’re glad to have witnessed the drive of these youth in creating a better world. We hope to see that their dreams and ideas be realized in the near future!

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